Video presentation for our project Lake House


Shell resort in Zanzibar , Tanzania


Lake House – architectural project and rendering


Our new project is a proposal for an individual house in the forest. The house is divided in two different areas, daytime zone , modern and youthful designed, and the night zone, with african influences and natural material furniture pieces. The house has a generous opening towards a lake with large windows and an outdoor relaxing area. For more projects visit our brand new website ! Hope you like it!

Perivolas Hotel

Santorini Perivolas Hotel – for a breezy and lazy Greek vacation  –


Corallo House

This particular house was named one of Corallo House unique home in this world,  designed by Paz Arquitectura. We love its details and concern about keeping the nature integrated into the interior space, as a part of the forest.


Bridge House

The Bridge House, designed by the 123DV architecture firm, is set in the countryside of  Netherlands, where its ultra modern linear silhouette interweaves perfectly with the surroundings.




Brazilian Beach House

Really Great Brazilian Beach House  by Marcio Kogan Architects  –  The luxury beach house was built on a coastal island between Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro,  providing an escape from city life with it`s pristine beach and contemporary nature inspired interior.                              That’s why we love summer!