Mexico Tubohotel by T3arc

Even though the idea of sleeping inside a CONRETE TUBE doesn’t sound that appealing, architecture firm T3arc have found a way to make this experience a comfortable one for those who seek an unique holiday. Located in Mexico, the Tubohotel opened in 2010 in aproximately 45 minutes south of Mexico City, in the village of Tepoztla.

Created from recycled concrete tubes, the rooms of the hotel are stacked in a pyramid shape, which wanted to reflect the concept of the Aztec pyramid of El Tepozteco that overlooks the town.

The hotel offers 20 rooms, each measuring 2.44m wide and 3.5m long, simply furnished with a bed, desk light and an under-bed storage. All rooms overlook a central courtyard.

The architects couldn’t came up with an idea to integrate a bathroom in each concrete tube, so the guests have to acces the two communal bathhouses located on the hotel property, near the guest rooms.

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