Summer House in Southern Burgenland by Judith Benzer Architektur

A house that reminds us of childhood drawings …  Simple shapes, warm and natural materials, surrounded by a special landscape … Shadows, lights, simplicity and homogeneous appearance, the sharp-edged curbature fits into its surroundings perfectly.

Materiality continues to the garden terrace house with natural materials lining with the grass, forming a sort of shadow of the building. Inside and outside spaces seem to be one and the same, because of the continuity of materials and large windows staring at the surroundings.

“As the summer house is not inhabited during the winter months, a larch grid mantle was developed which can be shut completely. During the uninhabited winter months, the house is thus unobtrusively and sculpturally situated in the landscape. In order to achieve this, folding and flap shutters were developed which, when shut, flush with the façade and, also coated with rhombus boarding, melt into the mantle. In the summer, the shutters work against aestival overheating: when opened – as canopies – and when shut. The sharp edges of the cubature are formed by copper corner plates. “

This kind of concept we like!                Waiting for your opinions too 

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