Philharmonic Concept at Black Sea , Constanta


At the present speaking, in Constanţa, the headquarters of the “Black Sea” Philharmonic is situated in the building of the Ballet Theatre “Oleg Danovski”, the orchestra developing its activity in totally inappropriate conditions. The needed infrastructure of a musical institution is practically inexistent (there have been cases where the Philharmonic Orchestra played in the theatre’s foyer, its capacity of occupancy not being sufficient).

From a socio-demographic point of view, the city of Constanţa is the 3rd in the country as number of inhabitants and it is considered the city with the largest ethnic and cultural mix.  In Constanţa there are annually eveloping various concerts and cultural performances (the harbor is the host of many festivals from which the most familiar is The Mamaia Festival).

The site proposed for my project is situated on the Eastern border of the Tăbăcăriei Lake, at the crossroads of two important areas of development: a touristy area and a local one, this being an important criterion in choosing the emplacement.With a capacity of 1400 seats, the building of the “Black Sea” Orchestra therefore becomes a midpoint of polarization and recharging of the Northern area of Constanţa. It addresses not only to the inhabitants of the city, but also to a major number of tourists who have conditioned the supplementation of the seats in the auditorium.

The placement of the building on the border of the Tăbăcăriei Lake had major influences on its geometry. We wanted to keep the strong link between the built background and the site elements, conditioned by the presence of the lake (water, vegetation, level curves). There also exists a promenade range around the lake which we have tried to valorize by building a permissible and transparent volume.

The proposed building therefore becomes part of the existing pedestrian line, introducing important pinnacle (belvedere) points in the area (from the terrace of the building one can see not only the lake and Tăbăcăriei Park, but also the Black Sea, on the other side).

We have tried to sustain the viability of the investment by proposing a varied functionality of the building – besides the main function, the one as an auditorium, we created a foyer which is opened to the public the entire week (24/7), with functions as café bar, music store, and also an exhibition hall. All of these are completed by the system of terraces and pinnacle (belvedere) points which can be accessed not only from the inside, but also from the outside.


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