Park and Terrace Design Project

The park and terrace are situated in Bucharest, Romania, at Olimpia Sport Center. The owners wished to transform their common exterior space into a green open space, divided in two related major functions, where they can relax, walk or eat after sport training and after work. Total area of the project is aprox. 1000 sqm.

We created a different kind of space, unlike any other green public space in Bucharest, by geometric and modern concept, diffuse and warm lightning, natural materials and various vegetation, that changes its colors every season. We had to indicate on the plan the major park and terrace accesses, by creating a connection between them and the adjacent functions : the hotel, the swimming pool, the training gymnasium and the existing restaurant, so that the visitors won’t have difficulties crossing the exterior inner space of the complex.

The concept started from the idea that we have to create a correspondence between the two different spaces the owners needed. Therefore we disposed the major alleys of the two functions by connecting them into a geometrical composition that marks out the park and terrace entrances, the sitting areas and the vegetation.

As the second major idea of the concept, our wish was to create a public space illuminated with only ground and diffuse lights, that brings out the idea of a private garden, not of a public space. With the help of modern technology we used built-in light fittings, to mark the main course of the alleys, but also the sitting areas.

The materials we used for this project combine the natural with modern technology. The benches, the terrace pergolas and furniture are made of natural wood material, while the terrace coverings make colour contrast with its structure, being made of white waterproof canvas that reminds of sea sail . All light fittings are made of aluminium metal, spreading a warm light.

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